Lego Mindstorms NXT Panorama Camera

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Construction and Program

It is possible to build a reliable camera stand for VR-photography with the standard bricks included in the Lego-Mindstorms-Set. In this example a Casio Exilim EX-P700 digital camera was used along with a Raynox 0.5x super wide angle conversion lens.
To use the stand with other cameras the upper part with the camera casing and the position of the shutter-motor have to be altered.

The first motor is used to turn the camera around the vertical axis, the second one operates the shutter and the third one tilts the camera. With the touch sensor the camera can be rotated manualy around the vertical axis. The arow keys let you ajust the tilt angle. The orange enter-button starts the image recording sequence.

Depending on the camera lens the program has to be altered to take the necessary number of images. To get good stitching results the images should overlap about one third of their width.

For this camera and conversion lens the program first takes 8 pictures with a 45 degree upwards tilt, then one single image 90 degrees up and then another 8 images looking 45 degrees down.
The last image, the floor underneath the camera has to be taken manually afterwards.
Using appropriate software tools these 18 pictures can be used to create a full 360/180 panorama.
You can look at an example of a stitched panorama and find some additional information on --> the second page.

Mindstorms_VR_CameraClose-up of the Motors